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About Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos

Everything you need to know about Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos

An Introduction To Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos

Nestled in the crystal-clear, azure waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands lies a unique destination far from the everyday commotion of the mainland - Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos, a quintessential beach club. Also known as Noah's Ark, this aquatic establishment has gained popularity as a top-tier boat cruise destination near Providenciales, and is widely recognized for its tranquil adults-only ambiance.

Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos might seem like a distant paradise, especially from the viewpoint of Providenciales and its neighboring Half Moon Bay lagoon. However, reaching this floating oasis is made hassle-free and safe through the shuttles available.

About Noah's Ark Turks And Caicos

While Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos may seem removed from the mainland hustle, it brings with it an abundance of exhilaration and amusement. This floating establishment is equipped with an ample dance area, inviting guests to let loose. It also boasts comfortable seating along the perimeter, a perfect nook for those desiring a break from the dancefloor or for those wishing to quietly soak up the surrounding beauty. Moreover, guests can spontaneously decide to plunge into the cool, refreshing waters for a swim at their convenience. In terms of amenities, Noah's Ark ensures practicality with an on-board restroom for its guests comfort. Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos is known for its vivacious weekend affairs, notably the much-loved "Saturday Vibes" party. These events often spotlight local DJ talent, an eclectic music range, and optional package enhancements.

How To Get To Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos

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Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos : Food, Drink, and Views

Forget packing refreshments for your journey to Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos. This floating bar is stocked with a broad selection of beverages to satisfy any palate, from local brews and fine champagne to exquisite cocktails. Guests are urged to indulge in one, or all three, of the bar's signature concoctions: the "Super Mario," "El Patron," and "Noah’s Cooler" cocktails. These vibrantly hued beverages effortlessly invoke the quintessential Caribbean holiday spirit.

However, the offerings at Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos extend beyond refreshing drinks. The establishment prides itself on an extensive food menu, featuring a diverse range of hot and cold dishes, both local and international. A popular choice is the delicately prepared conch salad, which combines tender raw conch with crisp vegetables, zesty citric juices, and a selection of spices. For those craving smoky flavors, Noah's Ark boasts a grill serving up dishes like the much-loved Noah’s Ark Jerk Chicken.

For an unforgettable experience on the water, Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos is your ideal destination. Operating from 10 am until the sun dips below the horizon, this floating bar provides picturesque views at any hour. The enchanting voyage to the bar is an integral part of the overall experience. With its ability to accommodate various events, Noah's Ark is a favored destination for both tourists and locals seeking a unique island experience.

Where Is Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos?

Noah's Ark Turks and Caicos is located off Half Moon Bay Lagoon, in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.


It is located in Princess Alexandra National Park. Located off the northern shore of Providenciales, this crucial coastal and marine reserve encompasses renowned spots such as Grace Bay Beach, The Bight Beach, The Bight Reef, Leeward Beach, and Smith’s Reef. It also covers a significant section of Providenciales' northern barrier reef. Additionally, this protected area safeguards the iguana haven on Little Water Cay and includes the wetland islands of Mangrove Cay and Donna Cay.

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